The Problem

After following the procedural document and having their own risk and knowledge operations will deploy it to production. This is where the problem comes in the deployment may fail, failing the entire service. This happened because of the lack of communication between Dev and Ops team. Dev does not understand Ops part and the reverse is also true.

So, Ops feels that frequent changes like that may break the system and Dev feels that there is too much restriction on delivering latest changes. We also need to think about security here. Security texting is done before it goes to production. This entire Delivery procedure is slow and manual most of the time.

Think about quick changes now through agile model, it’s not helping the operations team to deliver the code faster. So, no matter how agile development is operations is Waterfall.

It is not the technological problem but it is a cultural problem. Both the parts in Software Industry follow different culture. If this cultural is not changed then we will not be able to deliver better feature quickly to the users.

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