Escape Sequence

The list of backslash character constant or escape sequence is as in the below table:
Constant      Meaning
‘\a’ or “\a”      Audible bell(Beep)
‘\b’ or “\b”     Backspace (it moves one space back)
‘\n’ or “\n”     New line (Cursor move to next line)
‘\f’ or “\f”       Form Feed (move one page next). It is used in the printing the hard copy only.
‘\t’ or “\t”       Horizontal Tab (it moves eight space of tab).
‘\v’ or “\v”      Vertical Tab (it moves eight lines down). It does not work in the Turbo C++.’\” or “\'” or “\'” It display a single quote in output statement.
For example: cout<<“\n Student \’s Name
Output:  Student ‘s Name
‘\r’ or “\r”       Carriage return (it replaces a word or string form the beginning of the other String).
For example: cout<<“\t beautiful \r Car is”;
Output: Car is beautiful
‘\?’ or “\?”       It display question mark
‘\0’ or “\0”      Null character (it tells us the end of the string and used in string handling which we will study in more detail in later section.

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