Features Of PHP

  • PHP is cross platform i.e., it runs under any type of operating system.
  • PHP is cross web server it runs under different web server like Apache, IIS,  Tomcat etc.
  • PHP supports cross database platforms, some of the  open source database like Mysql, sqlite, etc.,
  • PHP coding is very simple.
  • PHP is open source.
  • Zend Engine executes PHP applications very fast.
  • PHP 5.0 supports complete object oriented programming concepts.
  • PHP supports different types of content management system softwares’  like Joomla, drupal, etc., all CMS  softwares’ are open source.
  • PHP supports different types of security functionality like encryption and authentication, authorization etc.
  • PHP supports different types of editors to create functions and programs.
  • Zend organization is maintaining PHP, they introduced number of editions to work with PHP.
  • By using some third party tools we can develop stand alone applications with PHP but we cannot provide complete functionalities to that application because PHP is purely for web development.

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