Python is a simple interactive, interpreted object oriented programming language.

When compared to other programming languages it is very robust, elegant and powerful language.

It is a high level programming language.

It was developed in the year 1989 by Guido Van Rossum.

But officially Python was made available to public on 20th February 1991.

It is recommended as first programming language for beginners.

Example 1:

print(“Hello World”)

Output:  Hello World

Example 2:



print(“The Sum:”,(a+b))

Output: The Sum: 20

Where can we use Python:

1. For developing Desktop Applications.

2. For Software Development Applications.

3. For developing Web Applications.

4. For developing database Applications.

5. For Network Programming.

6. For developing Games and 3D Graphics.

7. For Data Analysis Applications.

8. For Machine Learning.

9. For developing Artificial Intelligence Applications.

10. For IOT.

11. for developing Complex Software Applications.

12. for simplifying the Complex Software Development process.