Waterfall Model

Waterfall model is traditional model and it is not so suitable in this fast moving world.
In waterfall model, the following phases are followed in order:

  1. System and software requirements: Captured in a product requirements document.
  2. Analysis: Resulting in models schema and business rules.
  3. Design: Resulting in the software architecture.
  4. Coding: The development, proving and integration of software.
  5. Testing: The systematic discovery and debugging of defects.
  6. Operations: The installation, migration, support and maintenance of complete systems.

Thus, the waterfall model maintains that one should move to a phase only when its preceding phase is reviewed and verified.

This model is good for the Operations team as they get the whole software developed at once which they can deploy and maintain. New changes will also be less frequent and does not put so much burden on the Operations team.

But this model does not scale well with the current fast-moving world. There are so many downfalls with this model and most of the Development is happening with Agile model now

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